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The Peak Book is a "collective work " written in many hands. And ' possible to find in the world , on top of the mountains the most significant , useful for hikers and lovers ; is generally kept inside metal boxes or enclosures . The Book of Peak is part of the culture and tradition of the mountain, its people and its guests , since the dawn of modern alpinism . There were evidences of ancient carvings on the rocks achieve peak from time immemorial , news sheets or small collections or notebooks left under the stones , where he wrote with makeshift or charcoals , following the natural desire to leave a few words , to witness of its passage . The adoption of the real Book of Peak - Peak Book, was then an almost automatic and considered in the order of things, universally accepted and shared. The book is very welcome to climbers in transit, because it satisfies the desire to trace and prove the ascent , but also the curiosity to read stories and stories written by others. Usually contains thoughts and phrases related to the emotions , the feelings and fears of the experience of living rise soon . The Book of the peak is sometimes also the link between the man and the mountain environment and is also a pleasant memory to be read at a later date . The writing is clear , however, many climbers detailing the path followed , the rise time , the weather , or write aphorisms , quotations, poems, reflections also philosophical existence , the human condition and sometimes even prayers. Sometimes even bad words . The summit book is also a mine of information, dates, names of participants in roped , nationalities and backgrounds edegli mountaineers themselves. The peak of the oldest books are true historical documents and are now heritage of the mountain of reference as they contain , day by day, even the history of ascents. We must not forget that even the mountains were the scene of historical facts , and in different ages , also the madness of war and untold suffering of many human beings .
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In every book of the peak indicates the procedures and telephone numbers for the recovery of the same book when it is completed ; recovery activities is entrusted to the sensitivity of the fans who understand importance and meaning making or delivering them to reach those responsible Refuge . The books are kept top soltamente by CAI or at other Associations of fans, sometimes in public archives or archival Superintendents .
Summit book disegnoIl Book of the Peak Trail is a digital planetarium and joins the existing paper version at the refuge on Mount Terminillo Angelo Sebastiani ; allows the on-line publication of the experiences of visitors to the trail . The use is extremely simple. It connects to the Book of Peak framing with your smartphone barcode square ( QR Code ) on the sign either Pluto or the Libro di vetta disegnosame code placed on the table at the Refuge dedicated Angelo Sebastiani . And ' then just start writing, with the ability to attach images , designs.
The Association of the Planetary Trail Monte Terminillo thanked the visitors, who want to devote attention to the Book of Peak .
"... The Kilimanjaro is a snow-covered mountain 5895 meters high , and is said to be the highest mountain in Africa . Its western summit is called , by the Masai , Ngàje Ngai , the House of God Close to the western summit c ' is dried up and frozen carcass of a leopard . Nobody has been able to explain what he wanted the leopard at that altitude ... "( Ernest Hemingway : " the Snows of Kilimanjaro " )
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