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IMAGE Birthday of Planet Walk - Sunday, August 24, 2014
Wednesday, 30 April 2014
Monte Terminillo - Sunday, August 24, 2014 event h. 11,00 Piazzale Tre Faggi - Monte Terminillo Read More...
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Wednesday, 30 April 2014
Hotel Quattro stagioni - 18.00

The Planet Walk of Monte Terminillo is an astronomical themed path for pedestrians that represents the journey of a photon, the elementary particle of light which reaches Pluto starting from the Sun , èassing through the whole solar system . It takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes to travel the path and it crosses some of the most evocative places of Monte Terminillo. Along the Path you can find 10 sings, made by the students of iceo Scientifico and Liceo Artistico of Rieti, with the names and informations of the Sun and the other classic 9 planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter , Saturn,
Uranus , Neptune and Pluto. The signs are placed in the exact sequence and they are at proportional distance to each other, compared to the real universe in a scale of 1:766.000. With its 7.7 kilometers the one in Monte Terminillo is one of the longest planetary walk in Italy today.
The starting point is the Sun, located near Piazzale tre Faggi ; the point of arrival - the planet Pluto - is at Rifugio Sebastiani near Sella di Leonessa. The walk is part of the project that wants to promote local tourism, Environment and Welfare called "Porta della Salute del Terminillo".
Planet walk
Planetary walks are astronomic themed paths for pedestrains or bikes that represent the journey of a photon, the smallest light particle, who starts from the sun and reaches Pluto passing trough the whole solar system. The solar system is reproduced in scale, in proportion to the space used to build the path. These kind of walks have also a naturalistic and an hiking side.

Planet walk in Italy and Europe
Planetary walk are generally built in parks, mountains or along already existing naturalistic walks.
There are lots of these walks around Italy and around the world, and they are a nice attraction for adults and kids.
Here we have some examples:
Name and Location                                                           Lenght
Astrovia della Valbossa (Varese)                                            3 km
Astrovia di Locarno (CH)                                                        6 km
Sentiero Planetario di Bologna                                               400 mLogo Jpeg
Sentiero Planetario di S. Valentino (Bz)                                  7 km
Sentiero Planetario Monte Terminillo (Ri)                                7,7 km
Sentiero Planetario Santa Cristina (Val Gardena)                    3,2 km
Sentiero Planetario di Valberg Costa Azzurra (Francia)            5,9 km
Sentiero dei Pianeti Rocca di Pecettodi Valenza (Alessandria)  200 m
Sentiero Planetario Monte Generoso Capolago (CH)                600 m
Sentiero dei Pianeti Parco Museo Civico (Cremona)                 200 m
Sentiero Planetario Proseč (Croazia)                                      6,4 km
Sentiero Planetario Marly Friburgo (CH)                                  5,5 km
Links of some of the walks named above
Astrovia di Locarno

Sentiero planetario di S. Cristina - Val Gardena
Sentiero planetario S. Valentino in Campo - Alto Adige
Ligh Speed Planet Walk - Anchorage - Alaska (Usa) - Rotary
Planet Walk Boston - (Usa)
Planet Walk - Deutsches Museum - Monaco (Germany)
Planet Walk - Robert Ferguson Observatory - Kenwood, California (Usa)
Planet Walk St. Louis - Missouri (Usa)
Sagan Planet Walk (New York)


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