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Terminillo - A Brief Historyfunivia-smallrifugio
The Monte Terminillo ( 2,217 ml above sea level ) - known as " The Mountain of Rome" is part of the massive mountains of Rieti and is one of the highest peaks of the central Apennines . And ' adjacent to water sources that forms one of the most significant basins in Italy. ( Water Supply and Peschiera Capore ) .
In the mountains of Rieti , dense woods proliferated in ancient times, a good amount of game of all kinds. The mountain, in its history, it has been traditionally exploited by the foothill populations mainly for hunting, grazing and civic use of stumpage : it was mostly farmers, woodcutters and charcoal burners .
The Monte Terminillo not had the presence of settlements and buildings - except for modest shelters for shepherds or Termini railway station .
The people , however, piedmont were familiar with the higher passes and knew the trails. Towards the end of the nineteenth century , thanks to the Italian Alpine Club , was built in the shelter " Umberto I" , now called " Massimo Rinaldi ." It was 1908 .

With the retreat began albeit in a pioneering way , the tourist season Terminillo . The first tourists eager to experience the thrill of mountaineering, spent the night in the mountain retreat to enjoy the enchanting and breathtaking views Apennines . In 1930 another was erected shelter, hut Trebiani which led in Terminillo new groups of tourists , so that was strengthened between the old and new visitors to the mountain the idea of ​​a roadway that would allow to more easily reach the Pian De ' Valleys at an altitude of 1600 meters . about .

In the 30s of the 900 , in conjunction with the beginnings of tourism linked to the nascent world of skiing , was built in a short time the road to four turns SS4 bis - that connects the mountain to the valley : the fraction of Vazia and the city of Rieti. The construction of the road - of which he was the designer Ing . Gassman ( father of actor Vittorio ) - gave the green light to the development with the construction of the first building of settlements accommodation (hotels, hostels , restaurants , holiday camps for children) and the construction of the cable car at Pian ' de Valli.

The road was opened in 1936 with the passage of the Tour of Italy cycling . Terminillo soon became a popular destination for vacation and residence of nobles and aristocrats and celebrities from the entertainment world.

They were granted the first licenses for the management of dining places, hotels and villas built the first . All with great enthusiasm and desire to discover the mountain. During the Second World War Terminillo became the headquarters for the German military troops , American and British commandeered all rooms. Only at the end of the war, he returned to the mountains to live and to be populated . The urban structure was strengthened with other facilities : hotels, malls, schools , ski schools , ski lifts , cable car . It developed aMarcella Mariani quality tourism : the station was frequented by famous people , culture , politics , medicine, sports and movies, which helped to raise awareness of the Terminillo a little ' everywhere in Italia.
The disaster of the DC6 - On 13 February 1955, the DC6 plane that was bringing to Rome the young and promising actress Marcella Mariani - co-star of the films of Luchino Visconti's Senso and The Girls of San Frediano Valerio Zurlini , crashed on the slopes of Terminillo . A tragic accident twenty-nine victims including actress - former Miss Italy 1953 - who was returning from Brussels had represented Litalia thing were to be an international exhibition . Marcella Mariani had just turned 19 years old. And thus ended the Terminillo , the tale of the beautiful cashier , become a movie star. In 1956 the film will be released posthumously Never forget you , Joseph Guarino .
Remember Enio Girolami , her boyfriend at the time: "After spending three days in Brussels , Marcella decided to return early in the afternoon of February 13, to take the 'plane for Rome. Arrived at the airport when the ' boarding was closed, but the commander DC 6-B delayed the departure for her. L ' plane took off at 17 with 21 passengers and 8 crew members. Alle 19 , near Viterbo , communicated for the last time its position via radio.Poi more nothing . "
The years of economic boom and that the 60 and 70 of the 900 , with the advent of mass tourism , they saw the exponential growth of the resort, the realization of many residences, the improvement and expansion of the slopes of the ski lifts .
In 1966 was established the hillclimb car manufacturer " Bruno Carotti Cup " - dedicated to the homonymous pilot died on the track - Terminillo Rieti in 1950 - which takes place usually in the month of August, valid for the Italian Championship and speed mountain for the European Championship in the same specialty.
Difficult times the years 80 and 90 , characterized by the need to raise , but which saw the creation of a pleasant ski slope skiing.

Terminillo - Marriage of Gina Lollobrigida

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