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To the French writer Jules Verne is dedicated a special walk with 33 signboards of " Travel Thoughts ", scientifically and astronomically themed quotes by him and by other important people in history of literature, astronomy and science, built along the Planet Walk.
In the square of the Constellations in Cinque Confini - near the sports field - will also be placed signboards with informations about the Zodiac and the constellations, with illustrations relating to the astrological signs.

Here we have the 33 quotes you can also find along your walk.
1 ) TRAVEL " humanity would be locked up in a circle of Popilio that it never would be able to overcome , being condemned to vegetate on this globe without any hope to one day throw in planetary space ! Nonsense You will go to the moon and then on the planets and today on the stars as you go from Liverpool to New York, easily, quickly , surely , and ocean pollution will shortly be crossed as the earth's oceans . the distance is not that a relative word , and will eventually be reduced to zero. " ( Jules Verne )
2 ) LIGHT " I have only one passion , that of light in the name of humanity which has suffered so much and who is entitled to happiness. " ( Émile Zola )
3 ) FANTASY "Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real . " ( Jules Verne )
4) GOALS "We choose to go to the moon within the decade , and then other things , not because they are easy but because they are hard , because that goal will serve us as an organization and measure the best of our energies and skills " ( John F. Kennedy)
5 ) FRONTIERS " From up here the earth is beautiful, without borders or boundaries " ( Yuri Gagarin - first man in space)
6) ACHIEVEMENTS " One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind - That's one small step for man one giant leap for mankind" (Neil Armstrong )
7) OBSERVATION " But that is their sweet delirium , when you manufacture worlds without end without end , when measured as with the thumb and with the wire , sun, moon , stars, balls ." ( Erasmus of Rotterdam)
8) ETs " So ... How do you explain the lack of extraterrestrial visitors ? It is possible that there among the stars , there is a species progressed knowing that we exist, but let us stew in our own juices primitive . But it is difficult to have so many respects to a lower form of life : that perhaps we worry about how many insects and earthworms crush under his feet ? A more plausible explanation is that there is very little chance that life on other planets or developments that developed , you become intelligent .... "( Stephen William Hawking )
9) ASTRONOMY "The most sublime , the most noble of the Physical Sciences Astronomy she is without a doubt . The man stands by it self the same as above , and comes to understand the cause of the most extraordinary phenomena . " ( Giacomo Leopardi ) )
10) AMBITION " do not tell me that man is not for what 's out there . Belong to man all the places where he wants to go , and will do very well when it will be there. " ( Wernher von Braun)
11) WATCH OTHER WORLDS "Astronomy compels the soul to look beyond and leads us from one world to another . " (Plato )
12) NATURE "Nature is a circular eternally worker , generating fluids from solids , and solids from fluids , fixed things by birds , and birds from the fixed fine from coarse , coarse , and the subtle things that ascend to form surface water and the atmosphere , and consequently further descended in place . " ( Isaac Newton )
13) STARS AND HUMANITY ' " ... the stars are there, far above the chimneys of the houses ... " . (Robert Baden-Powell )
14) WILL ' " The whole universe conspires so that those who want it with all his being will be able to realize their dreams . " - (Paulo Coelho )
15) AROUND "I can not refrain from mentioning that it is not unlikely that there are people not only on the moon , but on the same Jupiter. Now, for the first time, we are finding those new regions, but as soon as someone has taught art to fly, between our human species will not miss the settlers. Whether the ships and dates are adjusted the sails to the wind of heaven, there will be people who will not fear even in the face of immensity " ( Johannes Kepler )
16) TE transcendental "I have a terrible need , I have to say, of religion, then I go out at night and paint the stars . " ( V. Van Gogh)
17) INFINITE " Stars are holes in the sky from which filters the light of the infinite. " ( Confucius )
18) PRACTICAL LIFE "Fortunately, according to modern astronomy , the universe is finite : a comforting thought for those who, like me, never remembers where he left things . " ( W. Allen)
19) LESSON " Watch the stars and from them learn. Maestro In honor of all must turn , each in its orbit , without a sound, in perpetual memory of the reason for Newton. " (Albert Einstein)
20) WE ARE SMALL "Astronomy taught us that we are not the center of the universe , [...] We're just a tiny planet around a star very common. Ourselves , intelligent beings , we are the result of stellar evolution , we are made of matter of the stars . " ( Margherita Hack )
21) UNIVERSE AND SOUL " Two things fill my mind with admiration and reverence ever new and increasing : the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me ." ( Immanuel Kant)
22) A immortality ' " ... I know I am mortal , the creature of a day ... but if I look at the circular orbits of the stars I do not touch the ground with their feet more , and are close to Zeus and I eat to taste with ambrosia , the drink of the gods " ( Ptolemy )
23) science fiction ZA " Daneel stood up. Was just ... a galaxy to look after. " (Isaac Asimov )
24) THEORIES AND DISCOVERIES " Heraclides of Pontus and Ecfanto Syracuse say that the earth is moved, but not for travel , so instead of rotation: it rotates, say , around its axis like a spinning top , from west to east " - (S. Ippolito )
25) AMAZING "One is , therefore, the sky, the Spacio immense , the breast , the continent universal , the ethereal region for which all the talks and moves. Ivi innumerable stars , stars, globes , suns and earths are seen significantly , and infinite argumentano is reasonably determined . immense and infinite universe is the compound that resulta from this spacio and included many bodies. " ( Giordano Bruno )
26) PROPORTIONAL I " know ye not that it is still undecided (and I think will always be among the human sciences ) whether the universe is finite or infinite ? And given that it really and infinite, how could you say that the magnitude of the starry sphere Fusse disproportionate Orbe magnum, if it the same as the universe would be far less than a grain of millet compared to her? " (Galileo Galilei)
27) CELESTIAL OBJECTS "What if the Earth had only a vague idea of the fear that the comet has to touch it ! " (Karl Kraus )
28) MOON AND EARTH " When the bells are silent tick the moon and the paths seem impenetrable. Tick When the moon the sea covers the earth and the heart becomes infinite island " (Federico Garcia Lorca)
29) DREAM " ... I had a dream that was not just a dream. Off the sun was shining , and the stars were wandering ... "( George Gordon Byron - Lord Byron )
30) ABSENCE AND REMEMBER - "When you are no longer part of me from your memory ritaglierò many small stars, then the sky will be so beautiful that all the world will fall in love the night. " - (William Shakespeare)
31) GOD AND MAN " If God made the stars and the planets , man has made the cannonball , the criterion of speed terrestrial image of the little wandering stars in space, which in reality are nothing more than the bullets. " ( Jules Verne )
32) TEACHING KNOWLEDGE " I have not received a watch or my first pair of long pants , like most Lutheran boys . I had a telescope. My mother thought it would be the best gift . " ( Wernher von Braun)
33) ENGINE " .. the love that moves the sun and the other stars . " (Dante Alighieri )
Literary parks are areas and parts of the territory which are identified and implemented by celebrating our greatest writers and poets, where you can find their quotes and their sources of inspiration.
To visitors are offered recreational activities that stimulate curiosity and imagination in an unusual way, different from the traditional museums, and, with guided tours, they can discover a lot of informations about famous writers and see and discover landscapes described in the pages of literature.This creates new forms of hospitality for tourists.
Organize these resources in an area also means strengthening the identity of local communities, increase the pride of belonging, stimulating the recovery of economic activities and traditional characteristics of the places identified.
The creation of a literary park is an excellent opportunity for cultural and business development , both in relation to the park's activities and to the accommodation services that complement each other.

The Earth, the Sea, the Sky, the Universe
for you, with you , the poet of wonders,
we crossed over the dream in Science "
(G. Gozzano - Death of Jules Verne )


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